National Charter

The Women in Bus and Coach initiative aims to create a national network to encourage, represent, support, and retain women in the bus and coach profession. Our National Charter outlines the expectations of everyone who becomes a member in supporting and delivering our vision, mission and goals – we are better together.

Our Vision

A bus and coach industry that embraces gender equality and provides dignity, respect and fairness for all.

Our Mission

Build, Unite and Support Women in the Bus and Coach profession to improve representation, retention, and opportunities for women.


The National Charter represents the commitment by the bus and coach profession to making tangible improvements to gender equality and representation across all levels covering recruitment, retention, and access to career progression.

It provides common values and goals for individuals and organisations to align in their shared pursuit of improvements for women and encourages compassion in all instances.

Our Goals

  • Standing in solidarity across the profession to protect each other’s wellbeing and welfare
  • Setting, reviewing, and publishing targets for women in all roles throughout our bus and coach industry
  • Providing access to networking, learning and development opportunities nationally
  • Challenging industry policies and practices that do not adequately support women’s needs
  • Identifying and encouraging role models to provide coaching and mentoring opportunities, including among allies to foster a more inclusive culture
  • Promoting and celebrating the role of women in bus and coach through both internal and external engagement
  • A visible presence in sponsoring and supporting national awards to showcase best practise and champion women and allies throughout the industry
  • Fostering a profession where women can gain opportunities to progress their careers by working in partnership with other organisations to share ideas, knowledge and learning


Traditionally, women have been hugely under-represented in the transport industry but I’m happy to say that's changing, thanks in part to the work we are doing to address the gender imbalance within our own company. The positive action we’re taking is beginning to make a difference, but we recognise that there is still more to do, and ‘Women in Bus and Coach’ is a great example of how the industry can support progress in this area. At First Bus we’re on a journey to a place where everyone is welcome, can be their true selves and succeed.
Janette Bell, Managing Director First Bus
Working in transport offers a really exciting and varied career path for women. Fostering a culture change that is more inclusive of women attracts, retains, and empowers female talent. Improving the representation and visibility of women working across bus and coach will help to promote diversity and gender parity and showcase our industry as a forward thinking, rewarding career opportunity.
Sarah Boyd, Managing Director of Lothian Buses
It is great to see this initiative being launched and supported by so many in the sector. It is clear the enormous benefits and opportunities of making the bus and coach sector more diverse, and welcoming new perspectives and ideas that better reflect the diversity of bus and coach users. Government is supporting this ambition through the Bus Centre of Excellence, which plays a pivotal role in sharing best practice on areas such as recruitment and retention to enable the sector to be seen as a career option for all. A thriving and inclusive sector benefits everyone, helping to deliver excellent bus and coach services to passengers across the country.
Emma Ward CBE, Director General, Roads and Local, Department for Transport

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