Spotlight Christine Gayle

Spotlight on Christine Gayle, General Manager

The Women in Bus and Coach “Spotlight On” initiative shines a light on the incredible contributions of women in all roles across the bus, coach, and community transport sector. From professional drivers and engineers to human resources experts and CEO’s, ‘Spotlight On’ will highlight the diverse talents and achievements of women in this dynamic industry.

Today we focus on and find out about:

Christine Gayle
General Manager – Shepherd’s Bush Garage
RATP Dev Transit London

What is your role?

I am the General Manager at Shepherd’s Bush bus garage.

How did you get to where you are today?

I started my career working in the transport industry in 2003. Since then, I have worked in a variety of roles, ranging from Pay Clerk to Operations Manager. I have also had the opportunity to work outside of London, gaining a wealth of experience which will be invaluable in my current role as General Manager.

Did you experience any challenges getting to where you are today?

It was incredibly challenging learning about and working in the transport industry. This was/is a highly male dominated environment. As a female manager there were times when I was not taken seriously and my male colleague’s opinions and decisions were, at times, valued above my own.

If so, how did you overcome then?

Thankfully, I have had exceptionally good mentors throughout my career. I learnt the hard way that you cannot please everyone.  Remaining true to yourself is key and your decisions and actions should always be guided by knowledge, understanding and empathy.

What do you like about the sector?

This is an amazingly fast paced environment – no two days are the same which keeps you busy and on your toes.

The transport industry has a remarkably diverse and multicultural workforce.  My colleagues have a wealth of knowledge not only about the transport industry, but from their experiences and prior qualifications or work that they have done both in the UK and elsewhere.

What does a typical day look like?

  • Being present and accessible to all my colleagues – their grade or title is irrelevant.
  • Collaborating closely with my team and conducting regular informal welfare checks.
  • Continuously monitoring our KPI’s and ensuring that we provide an efficient and safe working environment for our employee’s/colleagues and ultimately our customers too.

What advice would you give to women thinking about a career in the bus and coach sector?

It is a remarkably diverse working environment with so many separate roles.  Do not let anything put you off joining, especially the thought that the transport industry is just for men.

What has been your bus or coach sector career highlight?

Being successful in applying and obtaining the position of General Manager is now my career highlight. I am immensely proud of my commitment to my work and the recognition and achievements that have followed.

What three things could the Bus and Coach sector do to improvement the industry for Women?

  1. Find a suitable medium to advertise vacancies in all departments.
  2. Better toilet facilities and free sanitary wear.
  3. Expand on flexibility for single parents or carers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I have no plans at present.  My aim is to always try and achieve a better work life balance, so I am always favourable of a role that will allow me to achieve this.

Anything else you would like to share?

I genuinely believe that the bus and coach industry provide a safe, respectable, and long-term working environment for women. Naturally, there are still steps to be taken to make this more inclusive, but a stronger female workforce will help us to achieve this.

Thank you for sharing your story, Christine, you are truly an inspiration!

To find out more about who Christine works for and career opportunities visit: Home | RATP Dev Transit London

RATP Dev Transit London are founder corporate members of Women in Bus and Coach.

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