Spotlight on Racheal Ayegba

Spotlight on Rachael Ayegba, Professional Bus Driver

The Women in Bus and Coach “Spotlight On” initiative shines a light on the incredible contributions of women in all roles across the bus, coach, and community transport sector. From professional drivers and engineers to human resources professionals and CEO’s, ‘Spotlight On’ will highlight the diverse talents and achievements of women in this dynamic industry.

Today we focus on and find out about:

Rachael Ayegba
Professional Bus Driver
Go-Ahead London

What is your role?

I am a bus driver working with Go-Ahead, London.

How did you get to where you are today?

Towards the tail end of my professional footballer career (Rachael is a former Nigerian women’s international footballer who played as a goalkeeper), I developed interest in the transportation & logistics sector, hence I acquired my driving licence and the licences required for handling very heavy vehicles, so when I noticed the vacancy in Go-Ahead London, I took the opportunity to join the company. 

Did you experience any challenges getting to where you are today?

I would call them minor challenges, or “part of the process” or growing to achieve anything we might wish for or desire.

If so, how did you overcome then?

Embracing the end of my football career was somewhat psychologically tough, but I had to accept the reality that it was time to hang my boots.

Going through the driving trainings in Finland to acquire the relevant driving licences, required discipline and dedication, and luckily for me, I was able to channel my football sports energy to go through the rigorous process.

When I had to do the relevant test to obtain the relevant licence here in the UK, I took it as another hurdle which I had to overcome.

The apprenticeship and training at Go-Ahead London is of great quality and seamless, as the trainers and stakeholders involved in the process were supportive, and they provided all the materials, mentorship and support a new staff could imagine or ask for,  and the overall onboarding was comprehensive, and confidence boosting, which prepared me with skills and mental strength to handle the tasks of driving a bus in this great city of London.

What do you like about the sector?

It provides me the opportunity to contribute to the provision of an indispensable service to the great people of London.

It has provided the opportunity to understand how various services are interconnected in terms of facilitating movement of people to various destinations, for them to carry out their various tasks or activities, which are integral & relevant in our society.

What advice would you give to women thinking about a career in the bus and coach sector?

Any woman thinking about a career in the bus and coach sector, should not hesitate, but rather go for it. She should start immediately and make inquiries of the various skills required to work in the sector, and go through the process of acquiring the skills, and then apply to Go-Ahead or any of the other coach service providers, and the need for women in the sector is increasing, and the management, colleagues and general working conditions are conducive for ladies. Any assumption that working in the sector could be difficult is sheer myth, as I have been in the sector for some years, and I have been enjoying the experience thus far.

What has been your bus or coach sector career highlight?

I have become skilled to driver the double-decked bus through various parts of London, irrespective of time of the day or season of the year.

I have had opportunity to speak to management and senior stakeholders, which is some form of recognition and appreciation of my work ethic and dedication to the continuous improvement of working conditions in the sector.

What three things could the Bus and Coach sector do to improvement the industry for Women?

Continuously create the awareness and re-assure the women about top management’s unwavering support.

Continuous provision of mentorship and skills enhancement opportunities, and feedback-to-development platform.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I would like to have ascended into the role of a senior driver, with lots of experience and expertise, involved in training, onboarding and mentoring ladies coming into the sector.

Thank you for sharing your story Rachael, you are truly an inspiration!

To find out more about who Rachael works for, and to find out about career opportunities visit: Home :: Go-Ahead London (

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